Vaccination Argumentative Analysis

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It is almost too easy to say that vaccination should no longer be allowed. There are so many dangerous ingredients in them and this story about a mom and her kids getting vaccinated is the perfect example of why parents should not get their kids vaccinated. Her son, Harley, is 2 months old, and her daughter, Ashlee 2 years old, were getting taken to the doctors to get vaccinated. The only thing wrong with Ashlee is she had a cold. Harley was given his first DPT, polio, and Hib shots, which are shots that babies get when they’re born. Ashlee received her first Hib and MMR and DPT and polio shots. After they were vaccinated they went home and took a nap. Not long after Harley woke up and thighs were all red and not long after Ashlee woke up and fell because she couldn’t walk. Her mom took her to the hospital, leaving Harley with a babysitter. Eventually her mom came back to her son screaming and screaming until he fell asleep. For the next 10 days Harley had barely eaten or slept and on that day he passed away. After they looked for all the possible things that could have happened and the doctors for starter, marked Harley as a 5 week old baby when he was…show more content…
What are doctors really hiding underneath their lab coats? There are so many risks that Sarrah C. Corriher talks about in her article about the ingredients and side effects that are in vaccines. “Mercury, the second most poisonous element known to man” is found in all vaccines, some amount of mercury is tolerated in the body, but the amount in vaccines has exceeded the tolerated amount by extreme amounts (Corriher). That is not even the worst ingredient. There are animal products in a lot of them, such as vesicle fluids from calf skins, mouse serum proteins, monkey kidney cells, and a common ingredient chick embryonic fluid. As nice as vaccines are the truth underneath is not anything a person would
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