Vaccination Is A Controversial Topic

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Illnesses and diseases continues to develop and spread constantly throughout the world. These harmful viruses have always had a huge impact on humanity. It has caused many death and outbreaks in the past and present because it can be passed on easily. Luckily today there are medication to prevent the spread of these viruses, known as vaccines. Vaccines are antibiotics used to provide immunity against diseases. Once vaccines were introduced there were a lot of speculations and assumptions. There are many people who are for and against vaccines, but today there are many health professional, experts, doctors, and parents who believes that vaccination is a life saver. Vaccination is a controversial topic for many parents and guardians of…show more content…
The number of children born each year can have an enormous impact on society, there can be a massive epidemic. People do not want their child to be exposed to these deadly infectious disease, especially if they are preventable. The consequences of not vaccinating a child can have serious effects on them as well as the people around them. The virus will continue to grow and spread if vaccination is reducing in children. People who decide to stop vaccinating their child can easily cause an impact on society. Not only do parents jeopardize their own child health but they are also putting other children at risk, especially children that cannot be vaccinated. Children that cannot receive vaccination is because of allergies in the medication, so they rely on others who are vaccinated. Because of the lack of vaccination there were multiple outbreaks, “In 2014 there was a massive measles outbreak in the United States, 668 cases reported by 27 states” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1). Measles is an easily contagious disease and can be passed on from one person to another. The death percentage it has on people is provided by Public Medical Heath: “Each year measles causes more than half a million deaths and is
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