Vaccination : Is It Worth A Shot? Essay

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Aerielle Paras
Mrs. O’Brien
English 111
29 October 2016
Vaccination: Is It Worth A Shot? An American scientist at Cornell University once said, “Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history” (Sagan). Vaccination, a result of the technological prosperity, had been practiced for centuries to counteract, if not stop, all kinds of diseases. It had been a way of preventing major illnesses to spread from one person to another. Vaccines are inactivated or attenuated viruses that helps the body develop a strong immunity against detrimental diseases. It helps strengthens the population’s health and prevent them from having illnesses. Despite these advantageous benefits of vaccination, there is still an immense and great ongoing debate as to whether vaccinations should be optional or mandatory. Although others believe that vaccines should not be non-obligatory, it is safer and preeminent to conclude that they should be required. It is justified to have mandatory vaccinations for they prevent extremely lethal illnesses, create a life-long immunity and protection against all kinds of diseases, do not possess major life-threatening side effects, and preclude possible epidemics. Vaccines are created to help every person spend and go through their everyday lives salubriously. Mandatory vaccination will help prevent the spread of dangerous and extreme lethal diseases that may eventually lead to death. The invention of
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