Vaccination Law Repeal Should Be Mandatory

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Vaccination Law Repeal Conflicting reports about the safety of vaccinations is causing confusion and fear among parents. There has been tremendous hesitation in choosing whether or not to vaccinate children. The Federal Government has remedied this hesitation by creating a law. New legislation, effective at the start of the 2016 school year, requires parents to vaccinate their children in order to attend public or private schools. Parents that rely on school or day care systems to care for their child care while they work, are left without a choice. If these parents wanted to postponed or possibly not vaccinate, it is no longer of consequence, they are now obligated to take the leap. This law should be repealed until further research is done and more effective versions are created. Doctors need to understand why some children have adverse reactions and how to test for possible predispositions before vaccines become mandatory. Vaccinations should be an option for prevention, with parents in full awareness of the risks. There are great risks involved in this decision, vaccinated or not. Polio, Diphtheria, Measles, Chickenpox and many other illnesses used to ravage this nation, with children playing the main victims. In this current generation, it is difficult to envision a world where a case of the Chickenpox is possibly a death sentence and losing a few children is a common, but unfortunate reality. It is true that the regression of such illnesses belongs to vaccinations
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