Vaccination Of Children And Children

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Vaccinations in Children Is it fair to not vaccinate children because we don’t want to? Because they do not need to and they will not get sick? No. It is not fair to not vaccinate children because they won’t get sick. By not vaccinating children you are doing others harm. Every child has a different immune system and reacts to illnesses differently. Imagine having a child with disabilities and having them around children that have not been vaccinated. With the poor immune system autistic kids have they would be catching every disease possible. Autism is a condition typified by abnormal qualitative development of social interactions, communication and imagination, with restricted and repetitive interests and activities (Edward Purssell RGN, RSCN, PhD of the University of London). What causes autism? Many parents like to say that the vaccination MMR has caused their child to have autism later in life. Purssell and other authors and doctors have done countless research to find out the truth about MMR and their being a link between the vaccine MMR and autism. On February 28, 1998, Andrew Wakefield, a gastroenterologist did a paper about eight children whose first symptoms appeared after a month after they had received the MMR vaccine. All of those children had signs of gastrointestinal disease. From what Wakefield observed, the MMR vaccine caused intestinal inflammation, that lead to the blood stream and eventually to the brain where it affected development. Backing this up,
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