Vaccination Of Children Should Be Compulsory

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What are some of the objections to childhood vaccinations that have been made by various stakeholders? Given the basis for these objections, should the vaccination of children be compulsory? Compare examples from developed and developing countries. Mr Teanibuaka Tabunga: ID: 18260601 Course: ELB Introduction Vaccinations of children are one of the global health commitment to improving the children 's health and free them from preventable contagious, and life-threatening diseases like Measles, Diphtheria, and polio. According to WHO (2013), vaccinations or immunization is the process, whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease, typically by the…show more content…
It will argue that vaccinations should be compulsory because there are a number of shreds of evidence that children still dying from preventable diseases (Tabunga, 2013, Amy and Robert 1992, Lontos, Jackson and Harrison 2012). For the purpose of this essay, stakeholders, in this case, refers to the parents, religious beliefs, and government. Parents Objections to Immunizations There are quite some reasons why parents refuse to get their children vaccinated. According to Tarrant and Gregory (2001), parents refused to immunize their children because they have influenced by other’s stories of sequelae about immunization side effects. The adverse impact of injections and immunizations like fever, irritability and rashes actually, did not stop parents to have their children immunized. This kind of conversation can impact on parents, and reluctant to immunization, if it is being spread around the communities repeatedly. The researchers further explain that mothers have the unique ideas about immunization because they think, vaccinating their children will free, kids from diseases. The study supported, by other two researchers Angelillo (1999) and White (1995), where they share similar results, that parents stopped immunizing their children because they 've heard negative implications of the vaccinations in their communities by other parents. In brief, the reason behind these objections
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