Vaccination Of Measles, Mumps And Rubella ( Mmr )

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The medical establishment has a number of tools to deal with contagious diseases; one of the most efficient instruments to address contagious diseases such as measles and others are chart of vaccination. Vaccination is one of the key strategies that modern medicine has to deal with. It is one of the tools that medicines used to prevent the spread of diseases in vulnerable population particularly children and aged. It has been estimated that 5.9 million deaths are avoided annually through immunisation. A polio vaccine was the first vaccine to be introduced by 1950s, and many others have been developed since then. Despite the success of these programmes, there are objection to vaccination by stakeholders based on complications in isolated…show more content…
There are a number of developing countries managing to eliminate preventable infectious diseases (McDonald, Halperin, Chaple, Scott and Kirk 2006). Cuba is a small and poor country that has been able to achieve remarkable success over the years in their health sector. The country immunisation program has been a success compared to the developed countries. The country has lower infant mortality rates than United States, which uses a large budget on health. This is an experience that has showed that use of a lot of money in health care does not always translate to better health. USA has been experiencing high rates of objections to vaccination compared to Cuba. McDonald et al. (2006), asserts that over 95% of the Cuban children have been immunised against 13 preventable diseases which are a significant rate than in most developed countries. There has been a disappearance of measles, rubella and mumps due to the country comprehensive immunisation program. The elimination of the three diseases has been a remarkable feat for Cuba as it has limited resources. According to McDonald et al. (2006), the country won the Gates Award for Global health in 2001 due to their National Immunisation Program. On the whole, vaccination has been a great success in Cuba.
There is increased elimination of immunisation preventable disease by vaccination in developed countries. The successful elimination of these illnesses in United States has led to some of the parents
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