Vaccination Of Vaccinations For Vaccinations

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I would never make a suggestion to an individual about vaccinations. This decision is and must be made by the individual. There is no one that knows you or your kids better than you and typically your doctor has a protocol that they must follow by law, so if you think that your doctors always have your best interest at heart think again. Thats why I would never want anyone to make a decision regarding their health without first doing their own research on the subject. That being said this is a persuasive paper and I will provide my own opinion and some information that helps me make decisions for my family and myself when it comes to vaccinations. Edward Jenner began humanities excitement of vaccinations in 1796 with the use of cowpox…show more content…
Right now you may still be able to decline a vaccine for yourself or your child but it is quickly becoming a routine practice of Medical facilities to drop patients that refuse vaccines. So I am left to ask myself is “big pharm” getting the government involved for the greater good of humanity or could it be that if an individual does not get certain vaccines or not get them as they are scheduled it would greatly hurt their very deep pockets? How many times over the past 10 years has a drug or drug regimen been deemed unsafe and extremely dangerous yet the pharmaceutical companies covered it up in order to continue raking in the profits for as long as possible? If you do the research its an unbelievable amount, not a hard thing to find, and thats only going back 10 years. How about hormone replacement therapy for women? The standard care for a menopausal woman for over the past 40 years has been HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Even women with no complaints were advised that this treatment was helpful as it reduced chances for a heart attack and cancer and even helped them feel younger. Were any of these claims true? Not even in the slightest bit. Breast cancer risk has doubled for women on HRT, with a 41% increased risk for stroke, and a 29% increased risk of a heart attack (“Medical News Today”). How about Vioxx? This was a drug that was an alternative to over the counter meds such as

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