Vaccination Of Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory

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Vaccines Should be Mandatory in Order to Attend School
Standard Number 6.4.B
Jessica Crowe
James H. Groves

Jessica Crowe
James H. Groves
30 June 2017
Vaccines Should be Mandatory in order to Attend School
Standard Number: 6.4.B
Protecting a child’s health is very important to parents! That is why they should vaccinate them as young children. All children should be required to have vaccinations in order to start school in every state. Each year about 85% of the world’s youth receive vaccines that protect them against several diseases like tuberculosis, pneumococcus, and many more. Even with great success and improvements with vaccinations, more than 3 million people die each year from
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Scientists and medical professionals carefully evaluate all vaccines before they are approved and given to children. They do this so that parents can be provided with information about the vaccines and the importance of choosing to vaccinate their child (What are the Reasons to Vaccinate My Baby, 2015).
Secondly, immunizations are necessary because they can save families time and money. Vaccines mean fewer missed worked days and school days. A child who gets a vaccine-preventable disease may have to miss school or daycare. Time away from work due to caring for a sick child can cause a financial burden for the family. Certain diseases can also cause disabilities that can be very expensive. For example, whooping cough (pertussis) crippled children and young adults to the extent of being hospitalized. Babies were on ventilators, which are medical machines that take the place of self-breathing, and adult men were left sterile, unable to produce sperm and have children of their own (Complications, 2016). Expenses may include medical bills, medical equipment, and even long term care. Not only are these circumstances expensive, but they are also very frightening, especially to children. Although there are many insurances available, most vaccines are available at little to no cost, depending on a family’s income. There are also several organizations that offer vaccines for free, like local drug stores or clinics.
Finally, receiving
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