Vaccinations And The Prevention Of Infectious Diseases Essay

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Kristen DeFlorio Student ID: 22339369 Introduction to Biology, SCI120 Research Project Number 25011100 11/29/2016 VACCINATIONS Throughout history, vaccinations have been used to help the prevention of infectious diseases; some of which can produce serious illnesses, crippling disabilities, and ultimately be the cause of death. There is evidence of ancient culture’s attempting to treat transmittable diseases with various forms of inoculations. Developments in the research of vaccinations increased during the mid-twentieth century because of the established of more advanced laboratories, improved equipment, and new innovations. The progression of medicine during history has helped further the development of research into vaccinations. Several cultural, ethical, and religious issues have resulted from the development and use of vaccinations in our society. The topic of vaccinations has caused a strong debate amongst our culture about the safety and danger of treating infectious diseases with such methods. Through the understanding of infectious diseases, researchers have been able to create several types of vaccines to help prevent a variety of life-threatening illnesses. Scientists develop immunizations using different techniques to treat diseases. These types include: live, killed, toxoids, subunit, and conjugate vaccines. Vaccinations that are the live type use a specific process which when administered will expose the patient to the actual disease, but in a much

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