Vaccinations Are A Good Thing

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Vaccinations Are a Good Thing It’s not easy to save a life. Sometimes we don’t know how to prevent illness or fatalities, which is tragic. But there are millions of lives we know exactly how to save, we can save them easily and cost effectively with vaccines. I’d like to say that vaccines are like miracles. They’re like a miracle because by simply giving a child a couple of drops or a shot in the arm we can prevent some of the worst childhood diseases for a lifetime, and that to me is a miracle. You would think for parents it would be a no-brainer to provide their children with access to these seemingly miraculous vaccinations, however as a consequence of organized miseduction vaccination rates have been steadily declining in the past decade. It is irresponsible and dangerous that an increasing amount of parents all around the world are beginning to withhold their children from regular routine vaccinations. These parents would rather let nature take its course; meanwhile they’re putting their children and others in danger. The miseducation and misconceptions need to end. Parents need to become aware that vaccinations do not cause autism; they’re safe and effective, save time and money, and most importantly they can save a child’s life. Foremost, parents worldwide need to realize there has been no link found between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and vaccinations. One of the leading causes behind parents not wanting to vaccinate their children is simply out of fear that
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