Vaccinations Are A Luxury Of Which Many Members Of The Modern First World

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Vaccinations are a luxury of which many members of the modern first world do not often recognize the significance of. It has been a few generations since society has seen the devastation that can come from severe communicable disease. Those that lived through the horror of epidemics like measles, smallpox, polio and more were either too young to have realized the true gravity of what was happening around them. Those who survived to die of natural causes and are no longer here to remind us of that time. This lack of remembrance, however, does not erase the past. Diseases such as these devastated countries all around the world; thousands of children were killed due to a complete lack of prevention or protection. Only when vaccinations came about for each of these maladies did society finally escape the awful times. Despite the impact that was clearly made by these preventative measures, parent’s of today’s generation refuse to vaccinate their children. In response to misguided celebrities voicing distrust in the benefits of vaccinations, false studies linking developmental disorders to shots, and more, the number of guardians wary of giving their kids these injections grows. While research disproving the validity of these reports and studies has been published several times over the years, the news seems to fall more and more on deaf ears. This results in an increased group of individuals who leave their children and the rest of the world vulnerable to a resurgence of the most
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