Vaccinations Are Not Network For Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )

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Over many years, we have gained more and more knowledge in the medical field. We have learned new information about diseases, cures, and technology that can be used to help our society stay healthy. Vaccinations are one of the ways doctors help prevent people from getting various diseases such as polio and the measles. However, some peoples’ beliefs and religions get in the way of them taking vaccines. Also, some parents believe that vaccinations are linked to autism and refuse to let their children get vaccinated. For many years, people have been having controversies over this subject, but I believe that we should require kids to have vaccinations to keep society healthy and stable. First, studies and research have shown that…show more content…
In 1988, it was falsely stated by Dr. Wakefield in his series featured in a journal that the MMR vaccine was the potential cause of autism. Ever since, many people have believed vaccinations have some connection with autism, especially parents with autistic children. However, science and research have shown that his claim was false and that there is no evident link between vaccines and autism. Scientists studied vaccines, and their data showed that there was no relationship between autism and vaccinations, autism and MMR, vaccination and thimerosal, and vaccination and mercury. The data also showed that there is no evidence of increased risk of developing ASD after taking the MMR vaccine. This doesn’t mean that doctors have cancelled out the connection between vaccines and all disorders, but autism definitely has no link. Also, if parents think not vaccinating their child will prevent them from getting autism, research has shown that kids who are vaccinated have the same rates of getting autism than those who haven’t. So if you are a parent deciding whether or not to vaccinate your child, autism isn’t something you should consider. Secondly, vaccines can help save lives. It is important for parents to know that not giving their child a vaccination is even riskier than getting one. Many diseases can be prevented by vaccines including Hepatitis B, polio, MMR, chicken pox, HiB, smallpox, pertussis, diphtheria, and influenza. Vaccines work in a fascinating way. Getting a
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