Vaccinations Are The Best Way For Prevent / Eliminate / Address / Tackle Deadly Diseases

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Aissatou Sougou
Topic: Vaccinations are the best way to prevent/eliminate/address/ tackle deadly diseases in the developing world. To what extent do you agree?

There are various diseases which are very deadly to human being. Those who are highly affected are those living in third world countries. In this way, different methods of interventions and preventions have been performed, however vaccinations are broadly viewed as one of the best therapeutic accomplishments of cutting edge progress. Vaccinations can be defined as the injection of an external agent to human body, in order to prevent or cure an infectious disease. Various studies, touching epidemiology and sociology, show the positive impact of vaccinations on mortality. According to Andre (2005, p23-25), “Without doubt, vaccines are among the most efficient tools for promoting individual and public health and deserve better press”.
This essay will endeavor to present the impact of vaccinations on the human mortality rate, it will also show which are the better ways of prevention method in public health and finally, the cost-efficiency of vaccinations for government and its partners.
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One of the main benefits of vaccinations is the decrease of the global high mortality rate. The pre-vaccination before being exposed to an illness, ensure people a protection against the effects of this disease. A post-injection after an exposure can also confer an immunity to people. For instance 30 years ago,

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