Vaccinations Benefits Of The United States

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Vaccinations Benefits Daniel ESL 100 Advanced Academic Writing Instructor Ishida 16 December 2015 Abstract With a development of media and technological ways of social communication, is it vital to trust information from the reliable sources. Many people who do not trust or not satisfied with the quality of medicine, and usually quest the material from unreliable sources. Therefore, matter of reliability of immunization is still a huge topic for debate. For example, people sometimes rely on anecdotes, rare cases or even opinions that they have heard from others. The following article presents different point of view of the opponents, and emphasizes the evidences that support benefits of immunization. Introduction It might not be easy to imagine the level of safety that was in the 20th centaury when the medical system was incomparable with that we have today. Many thousands of people died due to the lethal infections which were out of the control at that time. For example, just 94 years ago in the United States more than 15 thousand people died due to the diphtheria (CDC para 1). Another example is tetanus which killed vast number of people over the centauries. Just a little puncture could infect the body with the deadly bacteria clostidium tetani, that could be found in ground, which leads to the painful muscular spasms, convulsions and following death (CDC, para1). Nowadays, uncontrolled human mortality has significantly decreased, yet
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