Vaccinations For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Throughout time many people on this planet have depended on vaccinations to be maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although vaccinations can fight off disease they can also affect kids in negative ways. There are also parents who depend on certain vaccinations too much which can cause more problems in the long run. As the amount of kids who are not vaccinated grows, the amount of diseases that were once wiped away start to return. When kids are born they are right away taken to get vaccinations. One of the reasons that young kids need more vaccinations is because kids have weaker immune systems. Whether people decide to vaccinate their children depends on certain factors like, income, ethnicity, and religion. There are many people who choose not to vaccinate their kids. This can either affect the young kid in a positive or negative way. Today certain states are responsible for the overall care of others and require people to get vaccinated. In many cases parents are required to vaccinate their kids before they enter grade school or child care centers. This idea can be good and bad in many ways. For one it requires all kids to be vaccinated for viruses which would eliminate the diseases that exist in kids. Some people might state that requiring children to be vaccinated before entering school would eliminate a family 's freedom of speech by having kids vaccinated against parent’s will. In some cases families can refuse to get kids vaccinated because of religious beliefs. Starting
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