Vaccinations: Public Vs. Private Schools

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It is a parent’s instinct to protect their children. They want to make the best decisions possible for their children. This can be difficult when parents might need to make a decision that is against a state or federal law. It can become difficult to determine when government has the right to veto a parent’s wishes for their children. This is a major concern with vaccinations. School aged children may be required to have vaccinations to attend public or private school. This regulation has raised many concerns on the ethical and legal spectrum. History shows that preservation of public health has been the primary responsibility of state and local governments. All 50 states have the authority to pass laws relevant to the protection of public…show more content…
Some states still do not allow religious exemptions for vaccines. These states will argue that religious exemptions violate equal protection of the laws covered under the Fourteenth Amendment. The reasoning for this is that they do not believe it is right to require the majority of the school children to be vaccinated but at the same time expose them to the hazard of associating in school with children exempted from immunization (Salmon,…show more content…
Studies have shown that exemptions to vaccines cluster geographically. This makes some communities at greater risk for a vaccine preventable disease outbreak. The CDC has suggested some ways to prevent excess non-medical exemptions to help prevent these outbreaks (CDC, 2016). One way in which is suggested to limit excess exemptions is too make the process more rigorous. States may alter the frequency of submission and increase the difficulty of the application as enforcement strategies to improve vaccination rates. In an area that is geographically heavily unvaccinated, physicians and other medical professionals can be encouraged to educate in depth on the importance of vaccines with parents (CDC, 2016).
As a healthcare professional and future administrator, it is very important to understand all laws that pertain to healthcare. Even if a law might not directly pertain to you currently, it is vital to know how laws uphold in court and rulings for any future cases that might pertain to your organization. Everyone including healthcare professionals are entitled to their own opinions on vaccinations. Healthcare professionals should be able to keep their opinions to themselves when working with patients and the community. The patient and the good of the community, which includes following all laws and regulations, should come before personal beliefs when in the role of a healthcare

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