Vaccinations Should Be A Big Controversy Essay

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Vaccinations have become a big controversy and interest in society. Should I get vaccinated? Should I not? Should my kids be vaccinated? What’s in the shots? Harmful or not? Many questions and demanding answers have been asked. You can be for it or against it. Each side has their own view on the vaccines. Vaccinations are freedom of choice. There are benefits and side effects for each side. In this paper I will be explaining points of views and statistics on each vaccine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In the end you will hear my take on this controversy. History of vaccinations For more than two centuries humans have benefited for vaccines. It all started with a man named Edward Jenner. He discovered a smallpox vaccine in the early 1790’s. If back then we had the resources and investments we would have been much healthier. Small pox killed over 1,000’s in Europe in the 18th century but got wiped out in the 1980’s. Many children died from small pox and polio. 1 in 1,000 children got polio and became paralyzed and 1 in 75 adults as well. The diseases spread like wild fire and over 40,000’s had become hospitalized. Whooping cough, another serious virus, gave us a scare in the 1970’s to the 80’s. Over 100 kids dead because of it. In 1963 we discovered the measles vaccine which saved lives. This disease infected 500,000 per year with over 500 deaths. Over 50,000 were hospitalized. Different Kinds of Vaccines There are many different vaccines and types out there.
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