Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory?

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Children Need Vaccinated Throughout the world, approximately three million people die from vaccine-preventable diseases each year; half of the people who die are children who are less than five years of age (Offit, 2014). When a person dies from a disease that has an available vaccine, that death could have been prevented. Parents do not vaccinate their children for an abundance of reasons. Although they feel that they are protecting their children, they are actually exposing them to countless life-threatening diseases. People who are not vaccinated cause problems within society, and unless there is a medical reason as to why a person cannot be vaccinated, vaccinations should be mandatory. Why Children Are Not Being Vaccinated Religion Reasons Most organized religions, such as Catholicism and Judaism, do not prohibit vaccinations; however, smaller religious groups oppose vaccinations based on their religious philosophy. One group who opposes vaccinations is the Christian Scientists (Ciolli, 2008). People who practice Christian Science are allowed to choose the form of health care they want. Most opt to pray about health issues instead of using medicine. They do not believe in vaccinations because they believe prayer will heal their ailments (What is Christian Science, 2016). Health Reasons Although most people can be vaccinated, there are a select few who cannot be vaccinated due to their health condition. The following are among the most common vaccines and who should
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