Essay on Vaccinations: a Clear Benefit

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Vaccinations: A Clear Benefit
By: Julie Roberts
June 19, 2005

Vaccination: A Clear Benefit A clear definition of a vaccination is, "the generic term for immunization procedures. Immunization is a procedure whereby living or nonliving materials are introduced into the body…:" (Nosal, 1999) The concept that people who survive an infectious disease do not get the same disease again is the basis for the administering of vaccinations. Vaccines are normally given to healthy individuals for the prevention of diseases. Vaccines work by using a human host to provide a stimulus to the immune system. Immunization is used for viral and bacterial diseases. Rappuolli reports and predicts, "Vaccines will not only be used to prevent
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Without having first hand experience with these diseases, they seem like a myth rather than a reality. Many parents, and physicians as well, lack knowledge and experiences with these diseases since they are not exposed to them. In other cases, vaccinations are missed due to concerns about the adverse reactions associated with vaccines. Other factors that may contribute to missed vaccinations may be changing physicians or insurance issues. On a global level, the influenza vaccination in children is recommended and strongly encouraged. These vaccinations are recommended for children especially if they are to be exposed to a daycare or school environment because of the potential for spreading infection. Unfortunately, the influenza vaccine is not administered as needed because of the lack of education about the effectiveness and complications for physicians and parents. Also, the vaccination is not always readily available. Many clinicians vary on there methods and routines of administering the vaccine, although its proven effectiveness warrants a more uniformed practice of delivery. Based on clinical studies, an increase of this vaccination is recommended to protect against the complications and spread of influenza. The risks associated with vaccines need to be taken seriously as they can have adverse side effects. According to Nossal, the most controversial vaccine is the DPT shot. Reactions such as fever,

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