Vaccine Pros And Cons Research Paper

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Vaccines have been a controversial topic for as long as they have been around. Many people argue that they have terrible side effects such as Autism and other brain defects. On the other hand, there are many people who believe that they are an advancement to society as they help fight dangerous diseases. This difference in ideals has caused a Vaccine war in the current world. Scientists and health officials on one side, and concerned parents on the other.
In the past 100 years vaccines have helped increase the lifespan by 30 years. Before vaccines become popular, polio affected tens of thousands of children a year. The most common killer of teenagers throughout the 1920's was Diphtheria, today Diphtheria is considered extremely rare in the United States. Without vaccines there would be between 20,000 to 25,000 cases of Hib a year. Despite the clear advantages of vaccines, there are many parents who don’t allow their children to be vaccinated.
There are a number of children who do not receive certain vaccines due to either religious issues, personal beliefs, or medical reasons. From birth to age six, children are given up to 35 shots. The MMR vaccine is an immunization vaccine that fights against measles, mumps, and rubella. It contains a certain concentration of mercury which many parents believe cause Autism. Some
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It is an indirect protection from a disease due to the large number of vaccinated individuals. Herd Immunity is only but so helpful, if there is a break in the chain anyone who is not vaccinated can obtain the disease easily. This is very dangerous for children with Leukemia because their immune systems are weak due to the low number of white blood cells. In December 2014, there was a measles outbreak which had been previously eliminated 15 years ago. A girl from Switzerland traveled to an under vaccinated area of San Francisco and took the measles back to her home
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