Vaccineation : Should Vaccination Be Mandatory?

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Imagine a child sitting on some doctors examine table about to receive a shot from a nurse. In most cases, the child is screaming and crying. Other times, the children are sitting quietly and probably shed a tear or two. Whatever the case may be, parents take the precaution to take their toddlers to the doctor to receive their shots. Even though they know that it will make them cry or cause fear, most parents know that a couple minutes of crying is better for the overall well-being of that child. Some parents don't agree with this practice: some parents believe that vaccinating children would cause them more harm or even have them develop other disorders. While parents should have control on what they can and can’t give their children, the government should mandate vaccinations for the overall wellbeing of current and future children.
Vaccines are one of the greatest accomplishments in modern medicinal history. Some of the illnesses that used to highly affect populations included chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, mumps, and many more have now been almost destroyed. The way vaccines work is by injecting a diluted or weakened version of the virus into the system. (Mandatory Vaccination: Should Vaccination be Mandatory? 2015) For example, if a person is being injected with the flu shot, that person will be injected with a weakened version of the flu. The purpose of this is to introduce the virus to a person’s body so that the immune system can combat the virus naturally

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