Vaccines : A Contagious Disease

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If there was a highly contagious disease that could be easily avoidable through an injection, would you take that preventable measure? Vaccines tend to be beneficial amongst all persons in an area, as long as the majority of people within that population receive the vaccine. Vaccines are also beneficial because, proven by past statistics and knowledge, many of the worlds’ worst diseases have been eradicated through the use of immunization. Over the past two decades, The Centers for Disease Control reported that over 732,000 children would have died if they had not been vaccinated (Sole-Smith, 2015). If we have so much data proving the beneficiaries regarding this ethical issue, why is it that some of our population still questions the idea of vaccinations?
The international crisis behind the questioning of vaccines began when Lancet came out with an article in 1988 by Andrew Wakefield, MD. Within this publication, Dr. Wakefield scared the public when he suggested that there is a link between vaccinations and autism in children (Dyer, 2015). After this article was released, the population showed an increasing distrust in the healthcare system. However, since this time, many other medical doctors have come out and reported that Dr. Wakefield’s allegations are false, considering he did not provide evidence behind his statements. Still, in todays’ era, the world continues to see an increasing suspicion of the vaccine engineers and the idea that vaccines are beneficial- this…
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