Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

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Vaccines, while known as the painful occurrence at the physicians visits of your childhood, are responsible for eradicating many of the deathly diseases of the past. While no child likes being stuck with a needle, guaranteed immunity to certain life altering diseases is worth the slight prick. Recent movements regarding vaccines has shed a negative light on vaccines, and if they continue to grow attention, may bring back some of the diseases that were the initial issue. Vaccines are a very helpful tool in todays world, and failure to accept them could result in very serious issues. Prior to the popularity of vaccines, disease dominated the population, with hundreds of thousands of people dying annually. Many of those diseases that used to dominate, for example Small Pox or Measles, have been 99 to 100% eliminated since the introduction of vaccines to cure them. (CDC, 2011) People often forget how much of an epidemic it was before the vaccines, since they have been so successful at wiping them out.. Edward Jenner was the man responsible for eliminating small pox over 200 years ago, and ultimately created the foundation for vaccinations to follow. (Riedel, 2005) He figured out that people with a less dangerous disease, Cow Pox, were immune to Small Pox. He inoculated an eight year old boy with the cow pox disease, and while the boy got a little sick from the cow pox, he was later proven immune to Small Pox. (Riedel, 2005) Vaccines today work on a similar concept, but in a
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