Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

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Vaccines have changed the life of children with making some illnesses obsolete. The majority of parents are making sure that their children get vaccinated against potentially serious diseases. The parents that get their children vaccinated are trying to prevent the reoccurrence of these deadly illnesses. The problem arises when you have these children that have not been vaccinated around children not of age to get the vaccine for a particular disease. The older children get the disease and give it to the unprotected younger child. Children are the most important thing you are given. These vaccines were not created to hurt your child. These vaccines were created so that your child does not die from these illnesses like other have in the past before the creation of the vaccines. Parents have their reasons for not vaccinating that children and I commend them for taking a stance against the vaccines if they truly believe they will harm their child. I wish these parents would also homeschool their children and stay at home with them when they are young. These children are susceptible to getting diseases or giving diseases to children that are not in their control. Not everything I believe should happen will though. Vaccination coverage for most childhood diseases has been at 90% while the rotavirus vaccine is only at approximately 70%. As parents; you want to do what is best for your children. For most parents, that includes giving them their vaccines when they should have
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