Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

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Congratulations, you vaccinated your child to protect them, you should feel proud, however, now they are experiencing trouble breathing. Could they be experiencing adverse reactions from the vaccines? Today, there are many vaccines, they are in such high demand that even a simple flu has a vaccine. Vaccines are created to protect us. The main function of vaccines it to build our immune system and fight against many bacterias. However, adverse reactions have become severe over the last couple of years, leaving some parents with no child. Therefore, parents shouldn’t be punished for not vaccinating their children because, vaccines can cause many adverse reactions and death in children. Vaccines are a social norm, we are taught that once your child is born they need to get vaccinated. It is only natural for parents to want to protect their child. So why wouldn’t we want to vaccinate and protect our child? But, what if these shots that are supposed to protect us hurt your child? Children are facing adverse reactions all over the world. According to the CDC, in the 2015 adverse reactions data file concludes that from September 2 through October 5 there has already been 23991 adverse reactions reported. However, some of these reported cases can be mild, that number is still extremely high. Any child can receive an adverse reaction. Every vaccine has side effects as well. Robert Kennedy, famous in the US politics was one of the few people who smoke up about vaccines. He
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