Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

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Nowadays, there are many vaccines invented by different scientists. Vaccines are so much in demand that even a simple flu has a certain vaccine. They have been invented to protect us. Its main function is to build our immune system and allow it to work against different kinds of bacteria. However instead of helping us fight against infection and certain diseases, vaccines can be the main cause of infection and diseases. Because of its live-attenuated organism, which means the pathogens were partially killed to lessen the harmful effects, it can still trigger an infection particularly with those who has a very weak immune system. Thus, vaccines should not be given to young infants because of their high risk of acquiring an infection that could eventually cause them long term effects. Rather, vaccinations should be delayed until the infant is a toddler (18 months to 3 years), and he has fully stabilized his immune system. Vaccines started since the ancient times. However, none was being recorded during that time. A practicing naturopath, osteopath and accupuncturist Leon Chaitow claim in his book Vaccination and Immunization that the first recorded vaccine was invented by Edward Jenner, who is the father of immunology. He developed the first vaccine, which is the smallpox vaccine, by exposing the person to the cowpox bacteria. Jenner discovered that the body could develop its own protection from the disease once it is exposed to the little amount of the microorganism. This
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