Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

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A vast number of diseases have devastated our country for ages. It was not until 1796 when Edward Jenner revolutionized medical technology, with the first record of vaccines. Vaccines have diminished these diseases going from very common to little or none. Setting requirements on vaccines will not assist the reduction or eliminate them, but will also protect our youth from the wide-spread variety of deadly diseases. Multiple individuals do not truly understand what vaccines are and their true benefits and advantages of receiving them. When an individual gets ill, the body produces antibodies, which are a protein that helps assist fighting off an infection. These antibodies then remember or recall the specific bacteria, or virus that caused the individual to become ill, thus, preventing it from entering the human body and getting ill once again. Vaccines are basically the same concept of the illness, but with the exception of the actual effects of being sick. Vaccines are a disabled version of a certain virus or bacteria that is placed into an individual 's body, so that the antibodies can then be created to prevent further illness. These antibodies prevent one from getting the disease caused by the virus or bacteria (Five Important Reasons). Vaccinations have slowly eliminated and erased multiple different popular diseases today. Vaccines have fully diminished smallpox for good and also has helped to keep other diseases out and away from our country. Polio has
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