Vaccines And Its Effects On Society

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Throughout the history of medicine doctors have encounter many diseases. Unfortunately not all are restorable. Many scientists along with physicians have put in hard work and dedication to medicine study to find cures for each and every illness or diseases that exist today. Studies have proven that medicine alone cannot keep us all healthy; other mediums must take place in order for us to maintain a good immune system to fight off any pathogens trying to break us down. We have seen medicine teams evolving, for the purpose of others well being. Vaccines were created to help populations stay alive. Vaccines have been a part of our life for a while now; A vaccine is a product that produces immunity from a disease and can be administered through needle injections, by mouth, or by aerosol.(CITE) But just like anything else, groups have risen to protest against what has been knowing as a success. Through the years people have become opposed to vaccines because they think that because the virus is in the vaccination they can still be harmed. Also throughout the years the years due to these vaccines we have seen less and less people affected by diseases for which these vaccines are given therefore they do not see the importance on continuing with a shot that is for a disease that is no longer existing in our country. Parents with that mindset do not realize the risks that they are exposing to others. The risks a person runs if not vaccinated could potentially mean getting infected…
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