Vaccines And The Diseases Of Vaccines

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Vaccines and the diseases they are used for have been an incredible scientific feat that has changed the way we live drastically. Before vaccines, people were dying rapidly from many diseases that are now either eradicated or controlled. Vaccines have saved millions of lives and are continuing to do so today. People no longer live in fear of catching a disease from other people due to vaccinations and what they do to the body. Diseases come in all shapes and sizes, and science has been able to successfully create many vaccines for some of them. Many people who get a vaccine do not know what exactly they are. For example, most walk into the doctor’s office and get a shot then walk out and continue on with their lives. Most people do not understand that a vaccine is a dead, or a weaker form of the virus used to create immunity to the disease (How do Vaccines Work?). The body creates antibodies to attack and kill the disease while memorizing it. This happens so that the next time the disease or virus enters the system, the body can fight it off without the body getting sick. Vaccines can be given in a variety of ways. Most commonly, they are given through injection. The other ways one can get vaccinated are through oral, mucosal, and the nasal passages (Brunson). There are many diseases that can be protected against through vaccination.
The scientific discovery of vaccines happened hundreds of years ago. In the 1700’s, the most prevalent disease that was killing people was
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