Vaccines And The Eradication Of Disease Essay

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[Attention-Getter and Pathos] Think of all of the diseases that once were; Smallpox, Rubella, Polio, and Mumps we do not really think about those diseases anymore because we do not have to worry about them. But do we ever take the time to pause for a moment in our fast lives and think, think of all of the people who died from these diseases, think of all of the people who lost family and friends, and think of the privilege that we live with- that we do not have to deal with these diseases anymore. This privilege is from one thing alone; vaccines. [Credibility] I don’t know about you, but I do think about these things. As a science nerd and hopefully a future veterinarian I love to learn about things that involve science and that can better help the society in which we live. [Thesis] Vaccines alone have been accredited to the eradication of disease and for some people that is not good enough, they would rather believe stories than fact. I propose that a new nationwide law be passed, a law to make vaccinations mandatory for all children, with the only exemption being religious, and severe medical reasons. [Internal Preview] Today I will be discussing some of the misconceptions about vaccinations, the causes and effects of anti-vaccination, the relevance of the topic, an explanation of my solution, and how it will better help the future of society.
I. [Transition] What is the problem you might ask? The problem is that people do not want their children vaccinated
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