Vaccines Are A Major Cause Of Autism

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Ever since a study was posted by Ohio State University in 1998, a belief has existed that vaccines are a major cause of autism. Despite the fact that large amounts of research have been done to disprove this belief, the belief still persists. The research done in this paper were obtained by searching many science databases. These studies consist of experiments and result analysis. The studies included surveys, examination of health databases, and medical examinations. The experiments proved that vaccines do not have a causal relationship with autism. This is shown by multiple points, including information on the times of vaccines and diagnosis, and graphs and charts showing the relationship between these two. This is significant because it dispels the aforementioned belief. It also shows that people have been misinformed for years, something that must be corrected.

Autism is a disorder that is classified by certain difficulties with social skills, difficulties with communication, and repetitive behavior (NIHM RSS). One of the first studies that started the belief that vaccines may be the leading cause of autism started in 1998. “The MMR scare started 10 years ago with a report published which described the case of 8 children who…developed autistic symptoms and digestive ailments shortly after getting their first MMR dose,” (Downs). This report, paired with claims made by numerous…
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