Vaccines Are Not Safe And Donate Children Vaccinated

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Preventing disease is much easier than treating a disease once it occurs. Vaccines can prevent most childhood diseases such as measles, diphtheria, polio, and small pox. There has been much discussion in the news recently over whether or not to vaccinate children. One argument is that vaccines are not safe and contribute to autism. The vast majority of people continue to believe childhood vaccines are safe and choose to have their children vaccinated. If deadly diseases are going to continue to be prevented, it is necessary to have children vaccinated. Vaccines are important for preventing deadly diseases. If a child is not vaccinated against preventable diseases, not only is the child at risk but also the entire community is at risk. This would include newborns in the community who are too young to have been vaccinated, people who cannot receive vaccines due to medical reasons, and people who may not have responded to a vaccine. With more people opting not to vaccinate their children, there has been a rise in the outbreak of preventable childhood diseases such as measles in certain communities. The reason most parents decide not to vaccinate is due to being misled by the media and the internet (Daley, 2011). Our healthcare professionals must do a better job at communicating the counterarguments. Physicians must begin having a discussion with parents at a much earlier time than what the recent norm has been which is usually at the two-month check-up. If a discussion over

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