Vaccines Are Pointless And Will Do Nothing But Harm The Children

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Many sites including Every Day Health and The Huffington Post suggest that spreading out vaccines are pointless and will do nothing but harm the children not receiving them. Dr. Gupta, a physician-journalist, counter-argued the idea of a new schedule stating, “altering the vaccine schedule by spacing vaccines further apart is dangerous in that it essentially leaves the child unvaccinated, defeating any purpose of vaccine prevention” (Gupta min. 1:35-2:28). Children are vulnerable at their age and so their risk for contracting diseases is much higher than those who’s immune system is fully developed. Many argue that vaccinating their child fourteen to even twenty times by the age of two is a positive decision and will benefit their child.
Yet, a more logical approach is to develop a new vaccine schedule to address everyone’s needs and concerns. Spreading out vaccines will allow all children to receive only one live vaccine at a time. Live vaccines are the actual disease that has been “weakened under laboratory conditions” and have the possibility to revert back to the pathogenic form causing the child to actually contract the disease and not be vaccinated (Gellin, Maibach, Marcuse p. 1100). As an example, the newer and cheaper live oral polio vaccine has been causing serious problems. The once dying disease is thought to be mutating with the chance of sparking a deadlier outbreak since we still vaccinate children with the live strand; “the problem is that while the oral
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