Vaccines Are The Most Important Health Practice

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Vaccines are the most important health practice in combating and preventing deadly diseases. Vaccinations are considered the most cost-effective method in preventing infectious diseases. Vaccines are undervalued and under-utilized, which continues to allow preventable diseases to threaten the world. To better explain the importance of vaccines, this paper reviews scholarly journals, articles, professional research and clinical evidence, that proves vaccination are cost-effective and vital to human health. Global Vaccinations In poverty stricken countries limited resources and accessibility play a significant role in who receives vaccinations. Limiting vaccinations increases the potential for life threatening diseases and illnesses. Due to poor living conditions and lack of supplies many children in underdeveloped countries do not receive the vaccines the Centers for Disease Control recommend. The purpose of this research paper is to help educate and inform individuals of the importance of vaccinations. What effects are children in poverty stricken countries facing due to lack of vaccinations? What needs to be done to make sure these communities receive proper vaccination and comply with the Center for Disease Control standards? In poverty stricken, under developed countries there are limited resources, which make it difficult for many to obtain lifesaving vaccinations. More resources need to be made available for these counties and opportunities to help vaccinate children
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