Vaccines Are The Safest And Most Effective Way Children

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For many years, vaccines have been implemented in the healthcare of Canadian infants and children. They are the best and safest way to prevent against many deadly illnesses that can be contracted in a person’s lifetime, such as measles, rubella, and polio. It has been the standard practice of many health care professionals, however many people are choosing to not have their children vaccinated. The anti-vaccine movement has caused many mothers and fathers to not have their children complete their recommended vaccinations. Many are given false information regarding immunization, therefore as pediatric nurses, it is essential to perform health teaching with parents to provide them with the proper information regarding vaccines. As nurses, we need to be sure families made aware that vaccines are the safest and most effective way children can be protected from a variety of deadly illness, remove any barriers families may face with getting their vaccines, and help families feel less anxious when having their infant immunized.
There are many factors contributing to the reasons why parents refuse to have their children vaccinated. In some instances, families can face barriers that prevent them from accessing the essential immunizations they need. Niederhauser uses a tool to determine reasons why families are not able to access their vaccinations called SHOTS. Neiderhauser explains that, “examples of facilitating conditions for parents trying to obtain shots for their child include…
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