Vaccines Are The Tugboats Of Preventative Health

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As stated by Dr. James A. Shannon of the National Institutes of Health, “The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used” (Shannon). In order to stay safe, vaccinations for children should not be a requirement because it diminishes the values and beliefs of various religions, is used for profit only, and the risks associated with vaccinations are life threatening. However, these reasons do not outweigh the benefits of being vaccinated. As stated by William Foege, “Vaccines are the tugboats of preventative health”. In regards to preventative health, vaccinations should be given to children to prevent them from diseases that could potentially inhibit their future and the generations beyond.Vaccinations do more good than harm, prevent…show more content…
After surveying pediatricians throughout the United States, 70% of parents are using their pro-choice option and not vaccinating their children. The same survey provided information stating that 4% of pediatricians do not vaccinate their own children. These pro-choice beliefs are often biased upon political beliefs as well. Such theories can be seen in conservatives. Conservatives are pro-choice and are wary of the information provided to the public (Rabinowitz). Taken into consideration, political beliefs are a combination of religion, morals, and other political influences. Stereotypes have not been associated with pro-choice political parties. This lack of stereotyping has allowed pro-choice views to become more of a norm. Therefore, the pressure to vaccinate the child is not evaluated as a lack in human judgement, but rather a difference in opinion and beliefs that allow parents to not vaccinate their child. The second debateable topic is that vaccinations are just for profit, not for safety. This refusal is linked to the beliefs that vaccines are not safe, vaccines have ultimately killed children, the government protect the pharmaceutical companies, and that pharmaceutical companies are just personally profiting from vaccinations (Gullion). Such profits can be seen when looking at the ACIP. The ACIP recommends which vaccinations the states should mandate. In return, the board members of this organization receive profit. Therefore,

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