Vaccines : Defense Against Disease Or Illness?

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Vaccines: Defense Against Disease or Initiators of Illness? Human beings are not invincible, for they are susceptible to things such as sickness, disease, and death. Throughout the years, humans have faced numerous outbreaks of different illnesses. In response to such outbreaks, people searched for ways to protect themselves. One protection method was vaccination. The creation of the first vaccine, the further development of common vaccinations, and the varied responses to vaccination have greatly impacted society. The creation of the first vaccine has affected many people. According to Shots Without Guns: The Story of Vaccination by Sarah R. Riedman, smallpox is a disease that afflicts countless people (11). In the article, “Healing…show more content…
The foundation for Dr. Edward Jenner 's first vaccine was the inoculation process. Because he was familiar with dairy farming, he began observing “cowpox,” or vaccinia, in which red pimples on cows ' udders became blisters, scabbed, then scarred (Riedman 28). Many people believed exposure to cowpox would result in protection from the smallpox disease (Riedman 29). Jenner decided to test the theory that cowpox protected people from contracting smallpox (Riedman 31). He experimented by injecting smallpox material into people who were previously infected with cowpox; they did not contract the smallpox disease (Riedman 34). Jenner 's experiment resulted in the discovery that cowpox could be transferred through vaccination and provided safe, effective protection from smallpox (Riedman 35). Through the efforts of Lady Montague and Edward Jenner, vaccination became a popular procedure. The creation of the first vaccine was a crucial step for the health of many people. In addition to the creation of the first vaccine, the further development of common vaccines has a variety of effects on society. According to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia 's website “Different Types of Vaccines,” four categories exist based on the production process. The first type of vaccine is the live vaccine. “Types of Vaccines” sponsored by describes the live vaccine as one that contains a weakened form of a disease. “Types of Vaccines” states
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