Vaccines : Harmful Or Helpful?

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Vaccines: Harmful or Helpful? Injecting poisonous materials such as formaldehyde and mercury is obviously a bad idea. Unfortunately, these are just a few harmful ingredients found in many different vaccinations. A vaccine is a medical injection meant to promote the body’s natural construction of certain antibodies that ultimately prevent or control certain diseases in the body, such as the flu or chickenpox. Vaccines are controversial because of the harmful side effects, contradicting medical research, and mandatory government regulated vaccines. Firstly, vaccines are especially harmful to children. A person receives vaccines throughout their entire life span, yet most are given starting at birth and before the age of two when the body’s immune system is just beginning to develop. A vaccine is considered effective if it prevents the infection it is meant to prevent and help control an outbreak of a certain infection if one occurs. However, just because a majority of people in a certain area are vaccinated does not mean that an outbreak will not occur: “one example [is] an outbreak of measles that occurred in a group where more than 99 percent of the population had been vaccinated” (Tenpenny). Different vaccines have many different ingredients. Some ingredients found in vaccines include “formaldehyde, aluminum and thimerosal . . . [a] dangerous mercury derivative” (Miller). Mercury in any form is poisonous, especially to children under the age of two with underdeveloped
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