Vaccines In The Vaccine War

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Most diseases prevented by vaccines are no longer common in the United States. Vaccines prevent more than 2.5 million deaths each year according to the website Yet, if vaccines were not used, a few small cases of the measles could quickly turn into hundreds or thousands of cases. With this in mind, why would anyone go against the yearly flu shot or against vaccines in general? This was the question Frontline attempted to answer while producing their film “The Vaccine War”. In the beginning of the film “The Vaccine War”, the audience is shown the birth of a newborn girl and a list of vaccines that a child gets within the first few months of life. Then, the audience is presented facts about vaccines, which are explained by a wide range of experts. Frontline invited a variety of public health care officials, doctors, science-based bloggers, and researchers to promote the science aspect of vaccines. These experts clearly explained the benefits and risks of vaccines. They conveyed how the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks, and emphasized the threat of vaccine-preventable diseases returning if herd immunity drops. With many parents neglecting to have their children vaccinated, the herd immunity has a higher risk of dropping and leading to an outbreak of disease. The experts expressed the seriousness of the measles outbreak traced to Disneyland and the 2008 San Diego outbreak. Not only did Frontline seek an expert’s advice, but they conveyed

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