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From January 1st to February 13th, 2015, there have been 141 reported cases of Measles in 17 states across America (citation). Measles is an infectious viral disease causing fever and a red rash on the skin, typically occurring in childhood. This infectious disease can be prevented by getting a vaccine. A vaccine is a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases. In the past 50 years, vaccinations have saved more lives worldwide than any other medical product or procedure. The intriguing story of vaccination goes all the way back to ancient Greece. Ever since the invention of the first vaccine more than two centuries ago, there has been plenty of controversy over the…show more content…
If your vaccine primed immune system stops an illness before it starts, you will be contagious for a much shorter period of time, or perhaps not at all (citation). Receiving these immunizations can also be very cost effective. In a 2005 study on the economic impact of routine childhood immunization in the United States, researchers estimated that for every dollar spent, the vaccination program saved more than $5 in direct costs and approximately $11 in additional costs to society (Citation). Vaccinating prevents unnecessary illnesses and suffering for your child. Instead of waiting and seeing if your child with become immune to the disease, why does not everyone vaccinate which can prevent them all together. Vaccinating your child is the healthier and cheaper solution. There are numerous people that are against receiving these vaccinations for various reasons. One of these reasons being their own personal opinions. These people believe that if they do not want to receive the immunization, then they should not have to (citation). People like that they have control over what happens to their body. If we made it so it was illegal to not be vaccinated they would not have control and that is something we fear as humans. Some people’s religious beliefs keep them from getting vaccinated (citation). Other individuals choose not to get vaccinated because they feel it will do more harm to their bodies (citation). Individuals believe that they will get sicker from the
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