Vaccines Save A Child's Life

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Vaccines help an immune system get used to a disease that could possibly kill or make a child or adult very ill. When vaccines are admitted into the immune system it is called vaccination (Britannica 264). THey are very popular today in the United States and they have saved thousands if not millions of people. This is why vaccines were made, how they save a child’s life, and why they are affected and important.
Vaccines have been around for many years and they are still helping people today. “The first vaccine was developed by english physician Edward Jenner in 1796” (Britannica 264). This was a great scientific accomplishment. The vaccine Edward Jenner made was made to kill the disease of smallpox, this is a very fast spreading disease that killed many people (“Vaccines” UXL). “The development of vaccines against diseases such as polio and smallpox is considered among the greatest accomplishments of medical science” (“Vaccines” UXL).
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On the other hand, other diseases are no longer common in this country because of vaccines” (“Facts for Parents”). Vaccines help save people's lives this is why we should be using vaccines more. Also if we did not vaccinate people still all the cases could become much worse and kill tens or maybe even thousands of people (“Facts for Parents”). This could be very bad on all the people in the united states. “Immunization protects others you care about”(“”). “Immunizations can save your family time and money”(“”). “Immunization protects future generations”(“”). These are three main reasons why vaccines are important to give to your children. Vaccines before a child is of the age two is very important because this will help your child be very healthy their whole life. Vaccines help many people and can help you too so you should go head and get the vaccines you
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