Vaccines : The Greatest Medical Developments Of All Time

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Vaccines are arguably one of the greatest medical developments of all time. That being said, despite the amazing results they have shown against fighting disease, they have also encountered a great deal of controversy. In this paper, we will take a look into a few of the biggest obstacles vaccines have faced along the way.
To date, the earliest recorded form of vaccination is believed to have occurred in China around 1000CE, when a young Chinese boy was inoculated against small pox by way of inhaling the dried up dust of a pox scab (History of Vaccines Timeline, n.d.). China however, was not the only country to practice these methods; Africa and Turkey also used inoculation long before its practices made it to Europe and America (History of Vaccines Timeline, n.d.). It was in the early 1700’s that this primitive form of vaccination finally made its way to the west; Lady Montagu, the wife of a British Ambassador, was the first to suggest that “ingrafting” trials be conducted to see how effective they could be (Mnookin, 2011, p. 24). Ingrafting was another form of inoculation were a person infected with a mild case of the small pox had one of their lesions popped with a sharp object in order to express some of the pus inside, then a person whom was not yet infected would be cut with the pus containing object (2011). The theory was that once the inoculated person overcame the mild case of small pox that ingrafting had exposed them to, they would be immune to it in the
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