Vaccines : The Most Wonderful Time For A Parent

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The moment your precious child enters the earth is the most wonderful time for a parent. Within the first few minutes of life your child receives a mandatory vitamin K shot, eye drops, an APGAR test is given to make sure all vitals and responses are fine, and then seconds later a Hepatitis B vaccine is injected into your child. Vaccines are something that a majority of use think of as not only being necessary and vital to our well being but for the well being of our community and children. Vaccinations are thought to be the main reason why some of the most deadly and contagious diseases such as polio, smallpox, measles, and tetanus have been contained over the past few decades. Prior to vaccines being readily available, the worldwide population was dwindling due to the high fatality rate of some of these diseases. Once vaccines came into the picture and was available for all of those who did not want to fall ill, there was a decrease in overall infection rates. However, as of recently, it is becoming a trend that some parents are choosing to opt out of having their child receive vaccinations. These reasons for not wanting their children to be vaccinated may vary from religious reasoning, to personal preference, to being misinformed. This has caused a great deliberation amongst citizens about whether vaccinations are more harmful than helpful, or is not receiving a shot more harmful than helpful. The two sides of this argument are the most noted as the anti-vaccine side,…
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