Vaccines : The World Health Organization

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During every year everyone trembles in fear as a new and stronger strand of flu like sickness comes along. These viruses are met with vaccines that are swiftly made by the World Health Organization. The problem with the way that vaccines are made is, the World Health Organization not only makes the vaccines but also deems the vaccines safe. Since they are responsible for making and deeming the vaccines safe, mistakes can lead to mass deaths. For this reason there should be checks and balances where other agencies test the vaccines for potential threat of mental illness, dangerous ingredients, and death. This system is definitely due for an complete overhaul due to the lives of the families that are affected. The biggest problem with flu vaccines is the World Health Organization. Though countless studies show that vaccines created by them were connected to things such as cancer, autism, and death, they still stand by their views that vaccines are not hazardous. The World Health Organization recently had their MMR vaccine that treated Measles, Mumps, and Rubella connected to autism. They stated on their website “Based on the extensive review presented, GACVS concluded that no evidence exists of a causal association between MMR vaccine and autism or autistic disorders. The Committee believes the matter is likely to be clarified by a better understanding of the causes of autism”. On the contrary to the World Health Organization’s findings, there are families that were really

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