Vagabond Meaning

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The song Vagabond is about a person overcoming certain pasts to become a great person. Achilles had overcome hiding from his prophecy by going straight into the war with not many thoughts of how this would kill him. The song Vagabond is Achilles theme song is because he is strong and overcoming from his past, however he never wants to overcome the prophecy that his mother desperately wants him to overcome.

First most people who read the Iliad think of how great Achilles is while they never stop to think of where he came from or his background and how that makes him want to be strong. “Troubled sea so deep, troubled home no sleep.” This quote means that a troubled background with someone’s family or house. If we look at Achilles past we see that his mother only married his father because he caught her quite literally. Achilles may feel he needs to prove something to his parents and show they had a child worth remembering. Thetis, Achilles mother, loves her son so much that she dressed him up as a girl so he wouldn’t go to war.
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Achilles knew he was going to die and he chose to. “If the sun goes down too soon/Embrace the starry-eyed moon”. This quote means if something is going to go wrong see the positives in it. Even though Achilles knew he was going to die he still went and destroyed Troy,made his parents proud and went down with so much glory we still talk about it today. Achilles made death this glorious thing in ancient Greece.

Achilles went down in history as one of the most glorious greatest warrior of all time. The song Vagabond highlights these characteristics it highlights how he wanted greatness that only for himself but for his family as well. Achilles theme song is Vagabond by Misterwives because the song talks about how one overcome something for Achilles it is his
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