Vaginal Health Issues Of Women's Health

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Women 's health has always been sort of a tricky subject to tackle because it is such a broad scope of all it can entail. There are many different subtopics that the general term of women 's health absorbs, from what happens when a young girl hits puberty all the way to the issues an aging women has post-menopause and throughout her later years. In this paper we choose to explore the vaginal health issues of women 's health. There are a myriad of feminine issues that can affect overall vaginal health, to include yeast infections, bacterial infections, and a host of STI 's (sexually transmitted infections) or STD 's (sexually transmitted diseases); some can seem serious and even arouse fear or embarrassment because of the symptoms one experiences, as well as the feeling that she is alone in that particular issue. Those fears and feelings of loneliness can be alleviated with sheer knowledge of what exactly is going on inside the body and how common the issue probably is, in addition to treatments available. In this paper we will explore one of these common vaginal health issues that tend to cause concern - Bacterial Vaginosis, or BV - through the analysis and discussion of history, characteristics, effects, and treatments as well as the statistical data to support how common the issue is in women. Explaining Bacterial Vaginosis Bacterial vaginosis is most common in women who are of child-bearing age which ranges from 15-44. This infection is associated with an imbalance in the
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