Vaginal Health Issues Of Women's Health

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Women 's health has always been sort of a tricky subject to tackle because it is such a broad scope of all it can entail. There are many different subtopics that the general term of women 's health absorbs, from what happens when a young girl hits puberty all the way to the issues an aging women has post-menopause and throughout her later years. In this paper we choose to explore the vaginal health issues of women 's health. There are a myriad of feminine issues that can affect overall vaginal health, to include yeast infections, bacterial infections, and a host of STI 's (sexually transmitted infections) or STD 's (sexually transmitted diseases); some can seem serious and even arouse fear or embarrassment because of the symptoms one…show more content…
Bacterial vaginosis has a lactobacilli-dominant environment that is located in the vagina. The microbes that are associated with bacterial vaginosis are anaerobes. Anaerobes is an organism that live without oxygen and can still grow. The anaerobes in bacterial vaginosis are Prevotella, Peptostreptococcus, Eubacterium, Mobiluncus, Mycoplasma, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus, and Gardnerella (Livoti,Topp). The anaerobe that is most responsible for BV is Gardnerella. Gardnerella is the bacteria that dominates the vagina and it has gram negative rods. The bacterium alerts the PH, odor, and secrets thick discharge from the vagina. The symptoms are itching, burning during urination, inflammation. The bacteria can cause complications and it can increase risk of other diseases (Sefcik). BV can be associated with pelvic inflammatory disease and it can allow organisms that cause sexually transmitted diseases take over the reproductive organs to cause fertility complications. Pregnant women can be diagnosed with BV. The bacteria can cause premature labor and delivery. The complications can vary from person to person it will not affect everyone in the same exact way. Preventing Bacterial Vaginosis Prevention is one of the most important concepts of having any disease. How can you counteract the disease or protect yourself from re-occurrences? BV is an infection that occurs often in women who are sexually active. The best way of preventing BV is
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