Valedictory Speech

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Valedictory Speech "Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation." Yes, ours would be a generation to remember, also to cherish. A very happy morning to one and all present here. The ability to grow from childishness to maturity, from perplexity to lucidity has been unwearingly nurtured and prudently inculcated by a significant number of people – people that we need to pay econium to and express acknowledgement. And I, Sanjana Khanter am here to express this heartfelt gratitude on behalf of my fellow batchmates who’re sitting down there, each looking gorgeous in their chosen hues.…show more content…
Hanging out at whenever possible, stealing chocolates from each others pockets, the pepsi and water fights, betting over silly things and bugging friends for birthday treats – can we relive those moments ? The three best periods, we call them. Drill, art and needle work during which all we would’ve done is the tik tik 1 to 10 during name-place-animal-thing, yelling bingo, or playing “oh pillar catterpillar” also “fire in the mountain, run, run, run.” And now coming to the most vital part of school. US ! ... How can school life be replete without that one close confidante, that group to hang out with, that “healthy” rivalry or even the “occasional” gossip! Every chat, every excursion, every mid-night call during exams takes its place in memory. Those freindship days, bands, cards, nothing can beat the excitement. Those punishments we received, those unwritten tests, those ribbons and polished shoe checking sessions in the assembly will forever be in our hearts. Maya Angelou said, “But nobody, no nobody can make it out here alone” and I think my fellow mates will agree with me when I say that this moment would not have been possible for each of us without strong support systems. Friends- whose lives have enriched mine, whose hearts have reached out to me in times of need and whose friendship I cherish. I am indebted to your loyalty that gave me a sense of security and oneness as we strived. We laughed; we cried; we were angry; we were sad; we ran; we fell; we
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