Valentines day

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#### this is a very poorly written personal narrative ###### Once upon a time there was a little girl who was born in February 14 and is named Valentine Lin. She has long dark hair and her eyes brown and she has an older brother his name is James Lin who has a dark hair and a light kind greenish eyes. James was born in January 30. But James went away to study abroad and he left Valentine she was five years old. When James left he was only nine years old. He was a nice kind brother that had always been there to look after Valentine when she was sick and had a weak body. Her mom Mary Lin was a very kind mother who took care of Valentine when James went on to study abroad. Valentine has a warm and kind personality but that personality is only on the outside and on the inside she has a bad personality that no one knows about except her three best friends. She only shows it when it’s necessary. Valentine has changed into a different person from when she was a child that has a weak body. She also has many friends and is popular at school but sometimes she has very lonely eyes. Then there’s her three best friends and their names are first is Lucy Mei, the second is Luke Wei, and the third is Magi Lou. These four has been best friends since elementary. Valentine trusts these three a lot and tells them many things that she doesn’t tell other people and these three knows Valentine very well including her other personality. These three doesn’t tell Valentine’s
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