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VALENTINOS PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS AGENCY 1. VALENTINOS MISSION STATEMENT, THREE BUSINESS BENEFITS, SWOT ANALYSIS AND PESTLE ANALYSIS A. VALENTINOS The Valentinos Personal Introductions Agency is a well-established company that has been operating within the UK market since 1976 and with over 8 million single men and women in the UK between the ages of 18 and 64, and often living without the opportunity to meet potential partners, the company has been very successful. However the management of the organization have expressed a growing concern that is being felt regarding the 10 year old computer systems that are currently being relied upon and the negative affect that such outdated systems are having on the companies’ competitive…show more content…
C. VALENTINO’S CURRENT POSITION (SWOT ANALYSIS) The SWOT analysis below highlights a number of salient factors that must be considered in evaluating the companies’ strategic position with regards to any possible threats or opportunities that may arise and it’s ability to take advantage or overcome these factors. Strengths 1. The Valentinos company and brand has been long established, and has exhibited consistent reputable integrity in it’s operations which is a highly salient factor in the decision making processes of potential consumers 2. There long established presence in the market also means that they have strong links with various suppliers such as with advertisements on public transport or in newspapers 3. The company also inhabit the market position of the price leader which makes them well positioned to take advantage of the growing number of price savvy and/or price conscious UK consumers (Telegraph, 2010) and trends within the UK population whereby more people are spending more time at home and are unable to find the time to go out and socialize (Euromonity, 2010a) 4. Valentinos unique combination of high technology and personal touch through the direct contact phone support services, has been critical in making the Valentinos Personal Introductions Agency a global industry leader 5. Valentinos also holds the largest
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